Help! (and make a positive difference in your life)


Do you want to make a huge positive difference in your life? Here is the secret: Make a difference in someone else’s life! 

This is the story of Michelle. I ask you to read it, help, and spread the word. We can pull this off! But She needs you. Please give, pray, and share the link with others.


Little 6 year old Michelle from Guadalajara, México, started getting red spots around her mouth and other parts of her body. She also started having high fevers that would come and go. After weeks of tests and treatment, doctors said she had to go into the hospital for a deeper checkout. Her diagnosis was Kawasaki Disease. For the next 2 months, while she was getting treatment for this, she developed hepatitis, pancreatitis, swollen spleen, swollen heart arteries, blood loss (she had to receive blood donations) and finally pneumonia. She was at the ICU for two weeks in which her mom got to the point to say goodbye to her explaining to her what heaven was like. Thousands of people around the world started praying for her and her family. Then, miraculously, her health started to improve in a way doctors couldn´t believe, She was out of the ICU for 3 days and we were all happily praising The LORD ! But, then, she got pneumonia again. So she went into the ICU again. This broke her parents´ heart because, even when they know God is still in control of all and He is a GOOD Father, their hope of having her back was again shaken. Today, May 11th., 2013, she is still at the ICU. She has been there for a week now. She just got out of the surgery room at 2:30 p.m. because, since her body was not responding to the medication in a way doctors expected it to respond, doctors decided to do a marrow aspiration and do several biopsies before they could proceed with another treatment. 6:00 p.m. results show she will need chemotherapy starting tomorrow because they found substances that are destroying her blood due to Hemophagocytic syndrome (like cancer). Her parents are exhausted, confused but hanging on. Her sister is trusting God´s will is perfect but is also confused due her parents´ abscence and the whole situation. Her family´s faith is strong but now medical bills have gotten to be too high for them to be able to pay. We are very thankful for your many prayers but now PLEASE consider helping them with this issue as well. THANK YOU and may GOD bless you.

Go here to help



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